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Genesis Hotpost

Genesis is the first device built by Wayru. Genesis is a plug-and-play device that will allow anyone from anywhere worldwide to set up a hotspot and start earning crypto rewards. 

You’ll get rewards in Wayru Tokens for every connected user and have access to real-time analytics of the traffic used and rewards made.

Who can be a Hotspot Operator?

Anyone with a stable fixed Internet connection can become a Hotspot Operator.


You can set up a Genesis device in restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, cafeterias, or your home. The more traffic you get, the more rewards you’ll earn.

How does it work?

You just set up a Wayru Genesis device by connecting it to a power source and an active Internet router.  


Once linked, your device will broadcast a WiFi network that will allow anyone with a WiFi-compatible device to get online, and you’ll start earning crypto rewards.

What do I need to become a Hotspot Operator?

  • At least one Genesis Device.

  • Location or site for Genesis Device set up.

  • An Active Fixed Internet Network.

  • Access to Electricity 24/7.

  • A Wayru Hotspot Operator account / wallet with $200 worth of WRU Tokens locked to activate your Hotspot.

We can run it for you!

If you live in a place where you see no use for a Hotspot to be deployed but still want to support Wayru, we can run it for you.

We have something called Hotspot pools. Each pool has a specific number of devices linked to a particular city where the WiFi devices will be deployed.

How to get a Genesis device?

You’ll be able to get a Genesis device from Wayru’s website.

  • Waiting List starts June 13th.

  • Pre-sale starts early Q3 2022.

  • Shipping starts late Q3 2022.

Become a Hotspot Operator


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