The Internet Sharing  Economy

Wayru's Network creates an entirely new sharing economy hacking the traditional telecom model of building, operating, and owning Internet infrastructure to help close the digital gap once and for all.

Wayru’s Network utilizes two units of exchange: WRU and WiFi Credits

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WRU Token

The Wayru Token is earned by either using the network, expanding the network, or staking for strengthening the network.

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WiFi Credits

WiFi Credits are used by WiFi-enabled devices to access the Internet. WiFi credits are available to purchase using WRU, USD, or USDC.

Max Supply 10B WRU
Released in 20 years

​WRU tokens are distributed to Node Operators, Stakers, and investors for their support.
​We will release 3% into the circulating supply (300 million) at public sale later this year.

The remaining supply will be released over 20 years for Stakers' and Node Operators' work.

Network Inflation over time

Deflationary behavior ensures higher rewards for early network supporters and operators getting to inflation 0 in year 20. 

This balances the risk and the rewards for node operators and stakers at the various stages of maturity of the network.

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Why own and Stake WRU 

Thanks to Stakers, the overall ecosystem gets a chance to flourish into a ubiquitous Internet access reality, a new type of sharing economy around telecom is created and ensures the long-term availability of Internet access powered and owned by the people.


Tap into a
trillion-dollar industry


Distribute the ownership of infrastructure


Bring reliable Internet access to everyone 

WiFi Credits

​The only available method to use Wayru's Internet network

  • WiFi Credits allow users to connect to Wayru's Global Internet Network.

  • The price of WiFi Credits can be as low as $0.0001 per 1 megabyte.

  • The minimum amount of WiFi credits for purchase is set to 1 gigabyte.

  • WiFi credits are available to purchase using WRU, USD, or USDC. If purchased with WRUa discount is provided.

  • While the average cost per GB in Latam is over $3/GB, Wayru's goal is to bring it down to 25¢/GB, to start.

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Risk Disclosure

  1. Wayru is attempting to deliver low-cost internet access using Blockchain and disruptive connectivity technologies in low-margin, high-volume emerging markets.

  2. Wayru is determined to execute its duties on a best effort basis, however, in any competitive technology business, there exists a risk of failure.

  3. In the event of a cease of operations or shutdown, Wayru may not be able to provide or guarantee liquidity for any outstanding balance amount.