There are 2 important elements about Wayru


We set up fiber + wireless mesh technologies in any city, to rapidly deploy gigabit networks at a fraction of the cost of traditional networks.


Anyone can buy a piece of the network via a smart contract and earn royalties from subscribers with a 5-year renewable agreement.


Distributed ownership

The network is never owned by a single person or entity.


We tokenize the Internet grid and divide it into regions called AirBlocks, which are NFTs.


Anyone can buy an AirBlock and get revenue shared from subscribers for 5 years.


AirBlock owners get anywhere from 10-20% of revenue from Internet services sold on the network. 


Earnings will be balanced across the network and will be paid monthly to AirBlock owners.


Earnings will start counting after the network is built in each city and users are being served. 

We believe that the Internet should be in the hands of as many people as possible. If the cost of broadband tech drops, then more people can help pay for the cost of the network. And if you're one of the people paying for the distribution, we believe you should get revenue in return. 

The distributed ownership model ensures the necessary investment to have an infrastructure that always has the latest technology. Which ensures connections with better latencies and impressive speeds, as well as greater penetration in vulnerable areas that most need an Internet connection.


The more AirBlocks sold, the more networks we can build.

The Network of networks

A simple, reliable, and affordable way to get online in Latam.


Once the first 5,000 AirBlocks are sold for each city we will start deployment.


We will build a hybrid network using fiber, cutting-edge radio, and fiber-quality mesh technologies operating in unlicensed spectrum to rapidly build gigabit networks.


We will take care of the setup, operations, and management of the grid, collect revenues and usage data. You will act solely as an invisible landlord.


It will take 3 - 6 months to deploy the initial setup to start serving subscribers. We will advertise internet services and enroll early adopters from day one of deployment.


Fixed broadband for homes, businesses, and Wi-Fi

On-the-Go will be the first service we provide. We want to partner with building administrators, real estate developers, and municipalities for network expansion.


Our network will lower the Internet costs, improve speeds and eliminate long-term, debt-creating plans. No contracts and the first month of service is FREE for early adopters. Wayru will be available equally to everyone based on social and economic status. The less you earn, the less you pay. This way we help everyone living in poverty have access to the same tolls as everyone else.

Our commitment with the world is to always focus on getting people online first. We will not only bring the best possible internet to people’s homes, but we will also extend that to the stress with a swarm of access zones for Wayru users.

Where will the money go to?

We know people are always worried about this, so we want to be super clear and open about what will happen to the money. 


Funds will be used on Internet network grid deployments which involve setting up towers, buying equipment, working capital, Internet costs, advertisement to get early adopters as well as increase AirBlock sales.

We will turn your money into broadband access for people who needed the most and you will make money for it.


We serve Internet access to subscribers.

A piece of the revenue goes to AirBlockers.


ROI - How do AirBlockers make money?

Earnings for AirBlockers will come from the usage of the network. The more people we connect to the Internet, the more revenue we generate, the more money back into AirBlockers' pockets.

Example: If after Internet costs, Wayru gets $100K in revenue in one year in one city, 20% of that revenue which is $20K will go towards AirBlockers yearly payments.


$80K→ Wayru
Maintenance, salaries, sales, advertisement, customer services, and more.


$20K→ AirBlockers
Earnings back into AirBlockers' Algorand wallets in the form of our coins called Wayrus.

This profit could be more and it will depend directly on the number of users we have on the network. The more people we connect to the Internet, the more AirBlockers earn.


Payouts - How will AirBlockers receive their earnings?

AirBlockers' earnings will be sent to an Algorand wallet address provided. Payments will be made with our own utility coin called Wayru on a monthly basis and can choose to withdraw their earnings each year, or reinvest in more AirBlocks. 

To begin, AirBlocks and Wayrus will be for sale directly through us, but in a near future, you will be able to sell your tokens in a swap exchange.

To make this possible and as reliable as possible we have partnered with Algorand Foundation and Borderless Capital to build these functionalities on top of Algorand's Blockchain. 

We use the blockchain for security and transparency. We use Algorand's Blockchain to tokenize Wayru's network's economy and securely issue AirBlocks as smart contracts. AirBlockers will get paid in our own token, called Wayrus, according to the number of AirBlocks they own on the Network.


This way we do not rely on centralized agents since everything operates under smart contracts that guarantee the traceability and immutability of our model.