End of year letter from Wayru's CEO (2021).

As the end of 2021 approaches, I want to thank each of you who believed in my craziness and joined our Wayru family!

When I started Wayru earlier this year, the future looked uncertain. I was going solo after my last startup failed due to the pandemic. But I was sure of one thing, my vision of a connected world was far better than the reality today, so it was worth trying.

I decided to start fresh, so I moved to Miami to start my company, which was probably one of the best early decisions for the startup. Even though we focus on Latam, being in Miami felt right, the timing, the community, the city.

To my Co-Founders and Team:

Thanks for joining my crazy vision. I appreciate all of your hard work, commitment, and dedication to our AirBlockers, partners, and future Internet users – it is this hard work and determination that has helped us make it this far.

2021 was more challenging than any of us could have ever imagined. As the world continued to be upside down due to the global pandemic, you worked harder to soon be able to bring connectivity to people that are still disconnected.

This year has been quite a ride. We grew Wayru from an idea to hundreds of AirBlockers, an international team, 2 accelerators, and the interest of top investors to join us in our upcoming private launch for our SEED round.

We don’t know what 2022 will bring, but we know it’s going to be 100X more exciting, more fun, and way more connected.

To the army of AirBlockers and the overall Wayru community:

Thank you so much for believing in the project, for sharing the vision of a more connected world, and for supporting what we are building. Most of you have reached out and expressed your feelings about Wayru, and how your support and commitment isn’t for the return, but for the mission. This I hold really close to my heart. The team and I couldn’t be happier to have you onboard.

Here are some thoughts and perhaps advice for other founders out there thinking of starting in this journey next year:

  1. Don't fall for the “I have a great idea” trap. Look for actual real-life problems to solve, the right people will join you to help build the best possible solution.

  2. Train your mind, it will be worth it. Read, meditate, get daily sunlight, and rest.

  3. Dream big, don’t settle for comfort. Comfort zones are innovator killers.

  4. There is no magic trick or secret path, the best way to start is by starting.

  5. Even when you fail, you learn.

  6. Competition is good, but collaboration is better.

  7. Choose your first hires wisely, they can be the power that moves you forward or the weight that slows you down.

  8. Believe in yourself, even when it seems like everything around is falling apart, you got this.

  9. Trust your team.

  10. Always have fun, if you are not having fun, you are in the wrong business.

To wrap up, let me say that we couldn’t have imagined all of the amazing people we were going to meet and the great impact that each one has had on our goals. To everyone in our community, we wish you and your family joy, warm memories, and peace this holiday season! Here’s to a very happy new year, filled with success, happiness, good health, and a more connected world!


Charvel Chedraui

CEO @ Wayru.io