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🚀 OG Genesis Rush Sale is LIVE!

These are the exclusive juicy 🧃perks of
owning an OG Genesis

Genesis is a plug-and-play device that will allow anyone worldwide to set up a Hotspot and start earning rewards.


Share Internet access with people nearby, and earn rewards for traffic provided.

OG Hotspot Operators

Original device from the first Genesis production.

New Wave Airdrop

Exclusive access to +10,000,000 $WAYRU airdrop.

Multi-chain Compatibility

You can mint your NFNode on your preferred network, whether IoTeX, Algorand, or peaq.

Free NFTs

Receive an airdrop of AirBlocks (Our OG NFT Collection).

3X Rewards

For up to one (1) year, your OG Genesis could earn you up to 3X rewards.

OG Wayru Swag

The first 100 orders get some smoking hot swag.

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