Help connect the unconnected by getting an NFT

Let's connect 1M people to the Internet with the power of giving. Become an AirBlocker and be part of the change for good.

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For Altruist Backers

When you get an AirBlock (NFT) you give Internet access to people in need of connectivity, from a place in Latin America. Each AirBlock comes with a one-of-a-kind AirBlock illustration for collectors or secondary market trading.

  • 10K NFT collection

  • Minted on Algorand Blockchain

  • +200 Unique Traits

  • Hand-drawn Traits

  • Full Commercial Rights over your NFT


There are nearly 4B people unconnected

A problem shared is a problem solved together. 

1 out of 2 people alive today lack Internet access. The UN declared Internet access a human right, but today almost 4 billion people in the world don’t have access to it. 

In Latin America alone, almost 400 hundred million lack connectivity, and only a few legacy providers manage most of the telecom sector, which is the main reason why so many are still disconnected today.

All AirBlock sales will be used to build Internet networks in low-income communities, and provide free access to the people in that community. To use the network users watch ads for free access to make the network self-sustainable.


AirBlocks is a collection of 10K NFTs minted on the Algorand Blockchain. Unique illustrations represent each and everyone of us, the AirBlockers behind the scenes bringing connectivity to everyone in emerging countries. 

Utilities of being an AirBlocker

In addition to contributing to an important cause and being part of the change, you get some cool benefits.

How are funds distributed?

For each USD$100K, we’ll deploy 50 Internet nodes. Each Internet Node supports up to 200+ simultaneous users, that’s over 10,000 people connected at any given time.


The funds will be distributed like this:

  • 10% Marketing and Communities Outreach

  • 55% Network Design and Deployment

  • 35% Bandwidth & Operations

We will start building once we reach the $100K mark in sold NFTs. 


The network will be managed by Wayru for the first 18-24 months, and then we'll turn it in, for the community to manage. We'll give them autonomy over it. They will continue to use WayruOS to run the network and will get rewarded for doing so. AirBlocks will give the possibility to a low-income community, to have autonomy over their connectivity.

We will keep 5% of the AirBlocks, for community engagement, giveaways, raffles, and for the team because we all want a dope PFP. 


First 5K Batch Roadmap

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For a more connected world

Wayru's Network creates an entirely new sharing economy hacking the traditional telecom model of building, operating, and owning Internet infrastructure to help close the digital gap once and for all. 

Join us and let's connect the un-connected!