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Wayru Network is a Decentralized Wireless Network that provides affordable and reliable Internet access to everyone, everywhere.

How Wayru is being used in the real world

© WayruOS

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WayruOS™ is an operating system that is compatible with various access point brands. 

WayruOS enables any WiFi-enabled device to become a source of cryptocurrency generation.

© Wayru Connectivity Superapp


Do everything Wayru-related from a single app. Find networks to connect to, get auto-connected by the app, or even become a Hotspot operator by onboarding your Wayru-compatible devices running WayruOS using the mobile app.

Our user-powered mapping ensures reliable network information by rewarding those who verify networks. Take control of your connectivity with Wayru.

Download now for Android and iOS.

Our partners & investors


A model for people-owned Internet infrastructures

A decentralized version of how Internet access is distributed today would allow people to achieve digital freedom, economic independence, and community development.


We will disrupt the status quo with lower prices, faster deployments, and a world-class user experience.


The network’s revenue will be entirely transparent, balancing earnings across the parties involved to power the future of the Internet.


driven roadmap

2023 Q4

  • ✅ Wayru WiFi Android + iOS App

  • ✅ 10+ Third-party Compatible Hotspots

  • ✅ In-App Ads

2024 Q2

  • Premium Mobile App

  • Private Round

  • Shared Hotspot Ownership Tokens ($HOT)

2024 Q1

  • ✅ Hotspots Onboarding

  • ✅ Auto-Connect (Enterprise-level Networks)

  • Offline Maps

2024 Q3

  • Wayru Token ($WAYRU) Generation Event

  • DEXes and CEXes Listings

  • $WAYRU Airdrop

2024 Q4

  • Wayru for Businesses

  • Wayru for Advertisers

  • Boosting the Network

Wayru Token

At the core of the Wayru ecosystem lies The Wayru Token ($WAYRU), a utility token designed to foster active community participation within the network.


The $WAYRU token isn't just another digital asset; it's the primary instrument for all transactions on the Wayru platform and the gateway to a more connected world.


DePIN’s virtuous cycle is powered by tokenization.


Wayru for Non-Profits


For Non-Profits focused on social impact, Wayru presents a groundbreaking way to bridge the digital divide.


Wayru empowers Non-Profits to establish self-sustaining networks in underserved communities. 

Wayru for Businesses


Wayru provides businesses with more than seamless Internet connectivity; it can help your business transform its WiFi infrastructure into an intelligent, analytics-driven network.


Wayru enables your business to understand visitors better and leverage automation and integrations for enhanced customer engagement. 

Get your business on our map, invite your clients to holla' when visiting, and drive your visibility through the roof. 

Boosting The Network


Play a role in Boosting the Network's rewards, putting your $WAYRU to work. Whether you’re a network operator or a connectivity enthusiast, this innovative system empowers all.

By depositing $WAYRU tokens into a hotspot's smart contract, its rewards are boosted, incentivizing operators' commitment to upholding their hotspot's quality.

Hotspot Pools


Dive into the world of distributed ownership through Hotspot Pools and $HOT TOKENS. By owning a $HOT, you partake in a mission to extend Internet reach while sharing earned rewards.

New Hotspots Pools, deployed by The Wayru Foundation, unveil fresh $HOT tokens, each tied to the Hotspots deployed in projects with selected partners like the UN or municipalities.

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