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Wayru is the Internet Service Provider with distributed ownership for the urban developing world. We are the Network power by the people and for the people.

Built on Algorand.


We are backed by

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smart araucania

Closing the digital gap,
one city at a time!

Our mission is to provide simple, reliable, and affordable Internet access, empowering everyone in Latam to get online.

The magic of Wayru is in the democratization of Internet access and offering the possibility for anyone who contributes to be the temporary owner of a space on Wayru’s Internet Network.

Wayru will deploy networks all across Latin America, to start.

Right now, the first Internet network with distributed ownership ever to be built in Latam is being deployed in the Chongon community, in Guayaquil - Ecuador and is expected to serve users in early 2022. 

This place has about 10 thousand families with no Internet connectivity, and this happens all around Latam. 

50 Wi-Fi zones will be deployed creating a mesh network, bringing coverage to Chongon capable of connecting 100+ people per Wi-Fi zone all day, every day.


Once the network is set up and running, people will be able to register for Wayru to bring connectivity to their homes or small businesses.


Cities coming next

Join Waiting List and earn a share of 10K Wayru Network Tokens (WNT) when we go live!

Wayru's master plan


Build the first Internet grid with distributed ownership in Latam.


Deploy distributed networks across 100 cities in Latam.


Reduce the cost of broadband Internet services in Latam.


Close the digital gap in emerging economies.

Wayru’s process is super simple


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We build Networks

with those funds

We serve Internet access to subscribers

A piece of the revenue goes to AirBlockers

How much does an AirBock cost?

The price of an AirBlock is USD $50. Get yours Today.


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up to $125


Amount of possible people connected in your piece of network.
Price shown is per AirBlock and increases every month until the base price is reached.
Earnings are an estimate based on projections and not real numbers.


Who are we looking for to help us build Wayru?

We know for a fact that there is a large group of individuals that care about the future of the Internet and would be willing to put their money where their vision is, as long as the ROI is reasonable and a new future is being built.


We want to democratize the ownership of Internet infrastructure. Anyone from anywhere in the world can become an AirBlocker. From top investors in Silicon Valley, all the way to someone with no expertise in investments at all.

What AirBlockers say


Luis Loaiza, CTO @ Shippify.

"I believe in the Technocracy of the 21st century by decentralizing all services that help humans thrive and achieve freedom. This is why I am backing the Wayru initiative."