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Internet Network

Internet Service Provider with distributed ownership for the urban developing world. Own a piece of the Internet.

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Join the Global Network of Internet Nodes.

Join us to build the future
of the Internet today

For Node Operators

Join the Global Network of Internet Nodes

Earn rewards for running a Node. WayruOS™ is a set of protocols that allow anyone to join our Network and help expand coverage to connect more people.

  • Help bring connectivity to your community.

  • Anyone can set up a Node with off-the-shelf Wi-Fi hardware.

  • Internet users nearby can connect to your Node.​

  • Get paid in WRU for every connected user.​

  • Get real-time analytics of your rewards.

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For Hodlers

Stake Wayru tokens to earn rewards

Get rewards for securing a node. Our staking offers are set in place to allow us to better serve Internet subscribers while generating rewards for WRU holders.

  • A minimum amount of WRU will be required (amount TBA).

  • A minimum period of 6 months is required.

  • Funds are fully locked during the staking period.

  • Higher rewards for long-term Stakers.

  • Stakers will receive governance and voting rights.

For Altruist Backers

Help connect the unconnected by getting an AirBlock 

When you get an AirBlock (NFT) you give Internet access to people in need of connectivity, from a place in Latin America. Each AirBlock comes with a one-of-a-kind AirBlock illustration for collectors or secondary market trading.

  • Each sale gives Internet access to people in need of connectivity.

  • Comes with a one-of-a-kind NFT art of an AirBlock.

  • Collect your AirBlocks for later trading.

  • Allocate your support to a city of your choice.

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Join the Global Network of Internet Nodes.

Roadmap to Decentralizing Internet Infrastructures



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